SuperGilligan93 here, welcome to the episode 10 of What's Next?

I like to call myself a Twokinds Oracle, because I love, and have lately had fun, trying to make predictions about where Tom will take Twokinds next. If you like doing such also, add the oracle template to your user page by inserting
into your userbox.

Again, I'm going to keep it short, sweet, and to the point because that's all the time I have.

My Last Prediction

Last week's prediction was that "Tom will remain focused on Natani and Kathrin's escape from the Na'Rella."[1]

It's difficult to tell the true accuracy of last week's guess until Tom posts about Natani and Kathrin again. for the time, though, I'm going to mark at face value, 100%.

Recently in Twokinds

Page 937 (As of this writing, the current page.) came around this week.

First, Spoiler Alert! This page may contain false, or partially false events as hinted by the description.

  • Kathrin is nearly crushed by falling debris.
  • Natani rescues her.
  • Kathrin asks how they'll escape because the way to the stairs had been destroyed.
  • Natani tosses a chair through the window, and see here for the rest. :-)

The Predictions

We still have only a few choices, which can be seen below.

  1. Tom will remain focused on the events aboard the Na'Rella
    • Natani doesn't have the urn, unless The Doctor acquires Natani's vest later on.
  2. Tom will focus on Keith and the other Basitins.
    • Keith is rushing to Natani's aid with Madelyn and Lynn (possibly with Sealeen and Landen) in hot pursuit.
    • If he is able to reason with any of the wolves because of the fact he is trying to save one that will be sweet.
  3. Tom will focus on Edinmire
    • We all know that crap is hitting the fan in Edinmire.
    • I still hope that most wolves will not fight and ruini the town they had lived in for most, if not all of their lives.
    • Trace and Flora will probably become more involved in resolving the conflict.

Locking In

  • In summary, Tom's description says that this page is "alternatively, Kat-O-Vision".
  • Natani no longer has the urn, which Kathrin didn't know she was getting.
  • Nuff said.

Get prepped for Page 91 of this chapter because reality is going to swing by real soon. (97 pages in Chapter 10 - Loyalty or Honor? holding the longest chapter record) As a result, I predict that:

Tom will now focus on Reality vs. Kat-O-Vision.


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