Everything is Awesome!

Today was an awesome day for me. Two of my favorite things occurred today.

First, and perhaps most surprising, we have the pleasure of Tom Posting Page 935 of the comic (As of this writing, the current page.) early in the morning. Second, and personally most expected, was the Apple Keynote Address announcing the new iPhone 7, Apple Watches, and a few other goodies (Yes, I'm about as much an Apple Fanboy as I am a Twokinds FandoManiac).

Today's post isn't about Apple, however. It's about TwoKinds and will remain such (no matter how much from the Keynote Address is flowing through my mind).

Getting to the Meat

  1. I'm announcing my anticipated Posting Date for What's Next? - 8. I will post "What's Next?" on Sunday, September the Eleventh, 2016.
  2. Included in my "What's Next?" post, will be a written tribute to the rescuers, survivors, and victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks precisely 15 years prior to that date. While I intend to theme the tribute after TwoKinds, I may refrain from or only draw some parallels from said theme in reverence towards those who are no longer with us.
    • I may include a sketched, or if I'm fast enough, filled in, tribute to the Fire Fighters that will feature some of the TwoKinds crew.

Ultimately, I want everyone to reflect upon how the events that transpired, although tragic, brought America together in a unity that has rarely existed here. I want us to focus on the triumph that rose from the rubble.

Extra Announcements

I'm headed for the Philadelphia region (namely the eastern third of PA, Parts of NJ, most of Delmarva and may visit Washington DC) on Monday, September 12th and will be there until the 21st to visit friends and places I haven't seen since my mission, as well as to visit the temple. If anyone wants me to swing by and say hi, let me know and I'll try to work you in.

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