• HertzIRC

    Operation cleanup.

    March 22, 2014 by HertzIRC

    Hi all. Just to let it be known that over the next couple months I'm going to try and rewrite some of the lesser character's pages up to scratch, as the quality of some of the prose on these articles is a bit off.

    Examples of my work can be seen on King Adelaide's Page, Lynn's Page and Alaric's Page. {Lattermost in progress as of 00:03, 22/03/14.}

    As you can see, there is a (fairly) concise description of the character, followed by a subheading called 'TwoKinds WebComic.' In this subheading I shall synopsise the character's actions in the webcomic, as well as make detailed page references for easy access to the information provided.

    After the TK WC subheading, customised subheadings relating to the character will be used. For example, a 'From …

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