Magic,It kinda stinks we dont have that in the real world.Anyway today were gonna learn about Magic spell types and power level.

Power and Ranking

Templar apprentice:Someone who has just recently learned how to use magic and because of this they dont know much but that doesnt mean they arent dangerous! Just less  dangerous....

Templar:Managed to know most of the basics.Often recruited to help people but not Keidrans or Basitins! Theyre also skilled with weapons.

Grand Templar:Very powerful magic user that can use spells that most people cant.Trace and Mary are a way to prove this.Beware if they come too much contact with dark magic there powers are nearly as high as a god.

Spell types


1.Mana barrier:Mostly used for blocking incoming projectiles but leaves the back vurnerable.

2.Mana Morph:Transforms the user in whatever of the 3 species,Extremely hard to master and can fool even a grand Templar.

3.Soul Link.Whenever a person gets hit by the infamous "Soul break" spell they go to a coma.This is the only way to revive someone but leaves the revived person to have personality simillarities with the user (Voice,Pain)


1.Wind Constricter:Only used  by the Templar in chapter 4.The victim gets imprisoned in a air ring that is very hard to break.

2.Fireball:a fireball....yeah thats all

3.Thunder:releases deadly bolts of lighting of sudden appearing storm clouds.

5.BlueFireball barrage:Only used by Former Grand templar Mary.Releases a whole barrage of super hot fireballs.

6.DragonFire:multiple Dragon heads appear and will explode on victims.It also seems to change its apperance.

7.Shadow Tentacles:Many tentacles appear that stab, grab or even throw foes.It can also deflect thunder bolts.

8.Many more!

Dark Spells

1.Soul Break:This spell can damage the soul and therefore is feared.However it pays the price by killing the user.

2.Dark Dragon:A powerful dragon made out of Dark mana that can destroy anything in its path.

3.Illusion Revive:Revive your most loved one at the cost of draining your life energy slowly...

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