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  • I am Male, an Arctic Fox animatronic with ice powers. And message to all trolls.....we are not dead, as is Fairy Tail, WE WILL STRIKE BACK!
  • Freezeblade7997

    Magic,It kinda stinks we dont have that in the real world.Anyway today were gonna learn about Magic spell types and power level.

    Power and Ranking

    Templar apprentice:Someone who has just recently learned how to use magic and because of this they dont know much but that doesnt mean they arent dangerous! Just less  dangerous....

    Templar:Managed to know most of the basics.Often recruited to help people but not Keidrans or Basitins! Theyre also skilled with weapons.

    Grand Templar:Very powerful magic user that can use spells that most people cant.Trace and Mary are a way to prove this.Beware if they come too much contact with dark magic there powers are nearly as high as a god.

    Spell types


    1.Mana barrier:Mostly used for blocking incoming projeā€¦

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  • Freezeblade7997

    Mask theory

    May 20, 2015 by Freezeblade7997

    So anyone who ATLEAST read to chapter 6 knows about the fact that each species has a demig4ory is that Order is Basitins caretaker due to their strict laws and Chaos for the fact of Humans lust for destruction and hatred to the other species.The mask shown at one point has the near same ears as basitins....Is this Order? Finally he seems to have 2 huge cuts in his mask while Neutral only has one.This seems to imply that more than one person attempted to attack Order....But wheres Chaos?

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