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Volunteers for New Leadership

Everyone has probably seen the big message on the main page from our current (absentee) administrator MKWRX. The only other administrator Azenaku last logged in 2010-03-31, over two years ago. Verify Here.

Since we're without active admins, we can use Wikia's adopt-a-wiki system to assign bureaucrat/sysop/administrator privileges to a user.

As part of the process, we, the users of the wiki, are encouraged to discuss publicly new leadership, and who would best fit.

I would like to volunteer for bureaucrat privileges, as I feel I meet Wikia's requirements and have significantly contributed to the wiki.

If you support my bid, or have a better suggestion, please comment and discuss. I'll wait at least the required 7 days for any response.

--CaduRyaq 22:21, July 5, 2012 (UTC)

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