Twokinds has one chatroom on the Nightstar network, #Twokinds. Several unofficial spinoff- and side-channels exist.


Notable members are:

  • Tom (Channel owner and Author of Twokinds)
  • Bakuryu (Super Operator)
  • Bear (Super Operator)
  • ktemkin (Super Operator)
  • Maloo-MF9 (Super Operator)
  • aj (Operator)
  • Alaric (Operator)
  • Kindamoody (Operator)
  • Kitten (Operator)
  • Natani (Operator)
  • Seff (Operator)
  • Drolhtis (Half-Operator)
  • Emmy (Half-Operator)
  • Foe (Half-Operator)
  • [ka]killer (Half-Operator)
  • AshTR (Voiced Member)
  • AuroraFox (Voiced Member)
  • Bird (Voiced Member)
  • chibi (Voiced Member)
  • Humla (Voiced Member)
  • JoshuaMadoc (Voiced Member)
  • JustBob (Voiced Member)
  • Kazuma (Voiced Member)
  • kestrel (Voiced Member)
  • Lilly (Voiced Member)
  • Schrodinger (Voiced Member)
  • Taki (Voiced Member)
  • Tamer (Voiced Member)
  • ThatOneRoadie (Voiced Member)
  • Turaiel (Voiced Member)
  • Valerie (Voiced Member)
  • Vivi (Voiced Member)
  • WhyAreFoxAFK (Voiced Member)
  • wyre (Voiced Member)
  • Xenowar (Voiced Member)

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