The tower in its construction phase

The Tower on the Basidian Isles was built by the Templar within the safety of the castle perimeter.

The Basitin government allowed the tower to be built as it gave them the ability to use magic. (They later learned that it was damaging for their health. For an explanation see Mana.)

The tower was small compared to others and was incomplete when destroyed.

The mana crystal within its core was small and contained only a small amount of mana. It was so small, in fact, that it could be corrupted dangerously with only the small amount of black mana within Trace's bloodstream.

Mana PlatformEdit

The tower was linked to a mana platform designed by the master architect. This platform had the effect of syphoning mana away from anybody who stood on it and feeding it to the tower's core. This effect is called Mana Sink. This device is clever as it can (and was) used not only to weaken the Templar's enemies, but also to make them stronger in the process. The platform can syphon pure and black mana, but it is unknown if it can syphon red mana. (See Mana.)

The tower was destroyed in a raid upon it, the aim of which was to rescue Trace and to stop the poisoning effects of the tower upon the Basitin.


In the raid on the tower Intelligence General Albion Alabaster used a spell to injure Flora. This awakened Dark Trace, who began to ruthlessly kill Templar apprentices and Basitin gurads indescriminately. He later showed compassion for the first time, when choosing to protect Laura rather than attack her as she ran towards the tower.

The core of the tower was then struck by a magically charged arrow. This ruptured the core and the mana energy began to escape into the sky. This created a void within the tower and caused it to start rapidly tearing mana out of the ground until absolutely none remained that was in range of the tower. This explosion also destroyed the tower, fatally wounding Laura, killing Intelligence General Albion Alabaster, and ending the Templar's scheme on the islands.