The 2013 April Fools Day Special is a half-canon comic, numbered 727.

Although technically only one page in length, it is long enough to be considered two pages. This is also the first instance of a double update where the pages were combined.


Warning! Spoilers and plot revealing description below.

Taking place between pages 726 and 728 Red asks what happened to Roselyn after she was saved from her execution, Raine tells him that her mother, Mary, discovered that she indeed was not a spy and decided to simply have her sent back to Keidran territory and swear never to return. Red is surprisingly (even to himself) pleased to hear that she survived (non-canon now) to which Raine says that he should be glad she survived and continues explaining that while Euchre was at the college, Roselyn had given birth to a boy with red hair and green eyes and, despite her swearing to never return, somehow found his way on the doorstep of the Templar who then raised him disguised as a Human. Starting to get concerned due to the description of the child matching him, Red questions what's going on but instead of getting an answer Raine simply asks if he has anything that he has had for as long as he can remember.

He says that he has nothing except for a pendant which is said to be an old family heirloom. He nervously tries to reason with Raine saying that there is no way he could be a Keidran. Raine then breaks the pendant dispelling Red's Human disguise revealing him to be a white Wolf Keidran to his dismay. Raine then adds that this also made them cousins and that she was off limits only to further his dismay. The last panel features Raine winking to the audience saying “Happy April Fools!”.