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Roselyn's first appearance

Race:Keidran (Snow Wolf)
Current Age:
Current Status:Unknown
Notes:Roselyn was to be hanged as a spy, but Grand Templar Mary stopped the hanging and interrogated her magically. What happened to her after the interrogation is unknown at present.

Roselyn is a Wolf Keidran and the cousin of Euchre, a Keidran mage with the ability to transform magically and totally into a Human. She was introduced to the story on Sunday the tenth of March 2013. Roselyn's personality from what has been seen so far is that of a slightly mischevious character, who is serious when need be. She has red hair which is tied in a braid and her most likely keidran race is "Snow Wolf" She carries a knife with a black hand-gaurd and red handle which was first seen when she pretended to be about to attack Euchre. She was against his joining the templar college in Edinmire.

Roselyn later went into Human territory. It is currently unknown why, whether to spy for the Keidran, to find Euchre, or another reason. She was caught by humans and was to be hanged as a spy. She called for Euchre, and a young apprentice (who might have been Trace, as he looks like him) was sent to find him and bring him to the gallows. Euchre, by this time a full Templar and the lover of Grand Templar Mary Silverlock, got the message and went to the gallows. Upon seeing Roselyn there, he tried to begin an explanation to Mary about her, but he then stopped and walked away, leaving Roselyn to be hanged.

Mary realized that Roselyn and Euchre knew each other, stopped the hanging, and interrogated Roselyn through the use of magic. It is currently unknown how much Mary discovered from Roselyn, but it has been enough for Mary to become furious with Euchre.


  • An April Fool's Day comic revealed that Roselyn was Database Error's mother. However, this is not canon.

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