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Roselyn (IPA(key) /roʊs'lɪn/) or Rose (IPA(key) /roʊs/) is a Keidran and the cousin of Euchre.


Roselyn has red hair which is tied in a braid and her fur is entirely white, most likely being a Snow Wolf. She carries a knife with a black hand-gaurd and red handle.


The Dragon MasqueradeEdit

The setting of The Dragon Masquerade is prior to Trace's marriage to Saria, and presumably around the time that Trace and Lady Nora fought to get Saria's attention.

Roselyn is a servant, and particularly a very close friend of Saria's, the two referencing that they have had to hide the fact in the past. She is selected by Lady Nora to be the Bearer of The Dragon Fascade, a masquerade mask made for Lady Nora every 4 years for the masquerade that contains a pure mana crystal that won't break despite constant use. Natani, on a mission with Zen, by order of Clovis to capture The Dragon Fascade, intercepts Roselyn and interrogates her for the location of The Dragon Fascade, before magically impersonating her and casting a sleeping spell on her.

Before Natani and Zen left the masquerade, leaving the Dragon Fascade behind due to a deal with Lady Nora, Roselyn was found in the Flower bed where Natani concealed her, and brought to the masquerade.

Near DeathEdit

As Euchre left to the templar Academy, Roselyn's was quite displeased, and she desperately tried to convince him not to go because he'll be executed if he's found out, even pretending to attack him before he explained to her that he was leaving.

Later she ventured into Human territory for an unknown reason, presumably to find Euchre or for another unknown reason, but according to Raine, she wasn't spying for the Wolf Keidren. She was caught by humans and was being prepared to be hanged because they presumed her to be a spy. When she called for Euchre, a young apprentice (who appears to be Trace) was sent to find him and bring him to the gallows. Euchre, by this time a full Templar and the lover of Grand Templar Mary Silverlock, got the message and went to the gallows. Upon seeing Roselyn there, he began an explanation to Mary about her, but, afraid his secret race may be exposed, he stopped and walked away, leaving Roselyn to be hanged.

Due to Euchre's response, Mary realized that Roselyn and Euchre knew each other, stopped the hanging, and interrogated Roselyn through the use of magic. It is currently unknown how much Mary discovered from Roselyn, but it was enough to reveal Euchre's race as Wolf Keidran and for Mary to become furious with Euchre over both his abandonment of Roselyn on the gallows and failing to inform her of his true race before they began a sexual relationship.



…perhaps I might be too busy to correct the error in our records.

This section is related to a loose end or plot hole Tom has not touched on for a period of time.

Roselyn hasn't been mentioned since her banishment.

As Mary indicates to Euchre that she had interrogated Roselyn, it becomes somewhat certain through the ensuing conversation that she was likely sent away as mentioned in the below April Fools Day page rather than executed. However her future, assuming she was indeed banished to Keidren lands, is cloudy because she hasn't been re-introduced or even mentioned in any pages since.


It should be noted, that The Dragon Masquerade was a prequel story, occurring when the Humans and Keidran were at relative peace with one another. Her storyline from the actual comic appears to indicate that fighting and lack of trust has developed between Keidran and humans. As such, it is likely that The Dragon Masquerade occurred prior to Euchre's travels to the Templar Academy and her near execution.

Additionally, this hints that she must have returned home, or had escaped if she was actually a slave, between the two events and must not have been carrying any safe passage papers, like the ones that Kei gave to Flora in Chapter 18, during her return to human lands.


Roselyn has been seen to be slightly mischievous, but can serious when needed. She shows great caution with her relatives, as she was greatly distressed when Euchre said he was going to join the Templars under the guise of a human.


  • An April Fool's Day comic revealed that Roselyn was Database Error's mother. However, this is not canon.
  • Roselyn carries a knife, but it is unknown how she carries it with her.


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