Landen[1] (IPA(key) /læn'dən/), also known as Lan (IPA(key) /læn/), or Landy (IPA(key) /læn'di/) by Sealeen, is a Human in Twokinds.


Landen is first seen with Sealeen, and Sarah as part of the latter's entourage. He looks apprehensive to stop the scuffle between Sarah and Keith. As the scuffle ensues, he tries to take a drink of coffee out of his mug but finds that Madelyn took it all. He then forgoes his pacifism and tries to attack her, where his considerable strength is demonstrated when he punches through a brick corner of a building.

As he continues trying to attack Madelyn, she offers to pay him to stop fighting, enough to "buy all the coffee you want." Landen accepts and tells his group that he's done fighting.


Landen is shown to be very lazy and uncaring, only fighting Keith's group when he realized Madelyn stole his coffee. Despite his apathy, he has a strong love for coffee, and would change sides when promised for it.


Landen has shown himself to be very strong and fast in fist fighting, being able to catch up to Madelyn.


  • Landen's coffee mug's saying "I hate..." is changed after every page.