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Euchre (IPA(key) /yu'kər/) is a twenty-one year old white haired Keidran who leads a double life as a Templar and ally to Trace. He is also a good friend of Flora's from her days in slavery.

Euchre is seen as a "Master Strategist" when Lady Nora tells Trace led a coup de tat against Mary Silverlock and claimed title of Grand Templar, he composed new cabinet including the Masters: Spy, Architect, Strategist, Seer and Mage. Euchre appears to serve as the Master Strategist in this organization.

From a young age, he was gifted with the ability to use "Perfect Transformation", or the ability to transform from his Snow Wolf Keidran form to Human form on command.

At a young age, he disguised himself as a human and attended the templar college in Edinmire. Just west of the Rainforest Tiger Keidran Tribe.

Life as EuchreEdit

Euchre is a kind, helpful and cheerful person. He is very protective of Flora and will not hesitate to hurt Trace to protect her. But he is very helpful to them when he broke demi-god rules to help them defeat Ephemural who severely hurt him. He later showed up at his former masters/fellow Templar's home.







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