Sketched Map of Edinmire

Sketched Map of Edinmire

Edinmire (IPA(key) /ɛdɪn'maɪr/) is a town featured prominently in the Twokinds story.


The quadrennial "Dragon Masquerade", a Masquerade Ball where Humans and Keidran would meet and celebrate in piece, occurred in Edinmire. Flora, after being enslaved at the age of 3, was raised by Keiren's family here, leading her to know a great deal about the town. This quaint town is also the site of the Templar Academy where Trace first met Lady Nora, Saria au Gruen, Mary Silverlock, and the Master Templars. Presently, the events of Chapter 18 are presently unfolding at Edinmire.

Prominent LocationsEdit

Sketch of Edinmire Docks

Sketch of Edinmire Docks

Edinmire DocksEdit

The Edinmire Docks is the present location of the Na'Rella, and is one of the primary targets of the Wolven terrorists.

Riftwall East TavernEdit

The Riftwall East Tavern is a popular Tavern in Edinmire that serves exquisite Keidran cuisine,

Shepherd's SquareEdit

Shepherd's Square is the site within Edinmire where the Tiger Keidran met with Brahn for peace talks. Because of these peace talks, Shepherd's Square became a primary target for the wolves.

Prominent Peoples Edit

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