The Basidian Generals are generally composed of the most intelligent Basitin, the strongest Basitin, and one who possessed both qualities.

Current Basidian GeneralsEdit

Not much is known about the current Generals besides the fact that Aster Alabaster, son of the late Albion Alabaster, replaced Nickolai Alaric as the Master General, an older Basitin appears to have become the Intelligence General, and a younger Basitin, the Arms General Respectively.

Prior GeneralsEdit

Master GeneralEdit

In order of most recent the prior known Master Generals are as follows:

Nickolai AlaricEdit

Nickolai Alaric was Keith Keiser's best friend when the two grew up and worked extensively to avenge his unjust banishment. As recorded by Madelyn Adelaide, he died by falling into a gorge after a duel with Keith on 28 August, 482 [1]

Cornelius KeiserEdit

Cornelius Keiser was Keith's father and, while being dissappointed by his son's lack of interest in warfare, partly due to his Wife Cathleen's influence, he didn't want trouble to befall them. He died at his son's hands, falling upon his spear. At the moment, Keith was under the impression that his father murdered his mother in a drunken rage, leading to a disdain towards him throughout his banishment.

Intelligence GeneralEdit

Albion AlabasterEdit

Albion Alabaster had a deep disdain towards Keith Keiser and was a close friend of Cornelius'. He forged the paperwork that permitted Cathleen's residency in the Eastern Basitin Nation and murdered her when Cornelius revealed plans to leave the island with her and leave Keith behind. He died in a manic state on 28 August, 482.[1]

Arms GeneralEdit

Unnamed Male BasitinEdit

Little is known of this Arms General.
He was narcicistic, removing his armor simply because he didn't want to scuff it in battle to the likes of Natani and Flora. He then makes a claim (which turns out to be truthful) that he only needs his body to achieve victory.
He is strong enough that Natani's throwing knives could not penetrate his skin and Flora's claws were sanded down in a last ditch attempt at self defense.
He was not strong enough to defeat, or apparently defend himself, from an attack by Edmund Sirus, who had disguised himself as a Basitin so that he can rescue the aforementioned Keidran. This arms general was anhiliated by the former so that only his skeleton, a bloodied wall, and some flesh and/or fur remained. His death occurred on 28 August, 482.[1]


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